Excellent exercises for women



Excellent exercises for women are the ones that you can do daily. When you are choosing cardio exercises, you should go for a worout that you enjoy doing.When it comes to this type of exercise, there are two sectors of thought:

The slow & steady women and the high-intensity women

Slow and steady cardio usually lasts around 45 minutes to 1 hour and are low intensity. With slow and steady cardio, you will be able to burn fat and preserve your joints. High-intensity cardio usually lasts around 20 to 30 minutes and are usually conducted in interval training, and High-intensity cardio burns tons of calories and keeps your metabolism rate high throughout the day.The seven best exercises that you can do to lose weight immediately:


This is the simplest cardio exercise, and you should not have a problem doing it. Running burns tons of calories.


Swimming is a full-body exercise and therefore you can burn serious calories with it. Through doing the breast stroke, you can burn almost 400 calories in 30 minutes.

Step Aerobics

This is one of the favorite cardio exercises among women. It mainly majors on your legs and hips.


This exercise is excellent in burning fat, as well as giving your arms a thorough workout.

Rock Climbing

This cardio exercise is a little bit hard to do but if you are an avid rock climber, this exercise is for you. It gives your arms and legs a thorough workout and can burn up to 380 calories in 30 minutes.


Skipping is a high-intensity cardio exercise. Skipping can train up your stamina and endurance, as well as it is also a great exercise for eye-hand coordination and agility.


Sprinting is also a high-intensity cardio exercise that will burn a huge amount of calories and maintain your metabolism rate whole high day. It should be conducted in intervals, and the result is best when combined with running or jogging.


To maximize the intensity of your workouts, do short sets of exercises. A perfect example of this is to do sprints then rest instead of doing long distance jogging. The reason for this is that long distance jogging does not allow the heart rate to increase as much as short sprints do. Also, high-intensity workouts alleviate the need for additional hours of workout time to see results.

Weight training is the top and very best metabolism boosting training. For weight training, the amount of weight used and the speed of lifting is the key to intensity. Heavier weights mean higher intensity levels. It also increases your metabolism rate for 24 hours! Try combining both cardio exercises and weight training exercises into your fitness routines and you will notice results almost instantly! Although it seems like loads of hard work, just picture yourself seeing changes in your body every week. In fact, special exercises can even helpĀ Get Rid of a Loose & Flappy Vagina Quick & Easy.