Four available asthma treatments

Asthma is a chronic condition of respiratory problems. It cannot be cured but can be controlled. There are many different therapies, depending on the lasting of the disease, health of the patient and others.

Common asthma treatments


The first effort to control asthma will be the use of Bronchodilators. This group of medicaments consists of Short-acting beta2-agonists (such as Ventolin, Spa Motel, Aloprol), Anticholinergics (Berodual) and Short-acting theophylline. First, two groups are inhalators, and the third is taken orally or even parenteral. These treatments have some benefits – good effects with lower doses and close contact with your tracheobronchial tree. For inhalator treatment mostly recommended are inhalers and sprays in the form of an aerosol, dry dust inhalers and inhalers that turn liquid substance to the aerosol.


Next step, if Bronchodilators do not work are corticosteroids. They are very powerful, and people often have reservations over their use. But over using or not using does not make any sense. Their anti-inflammatory effect has the purpose of quick stopping an acute attack and takes the patient out of the severe condition. Some studies suggest that use of Corticosteroids can affect with reducing of growth for children, but that effect is yet ultimately proven. Therefore the use of corticosteroids is very common, but allergists will be careful about the dose they are prescribing, particularly, when they are prescribing them to children.


Immunotherapy is yet one of the succeksmclmslcmlsmclsmclsmdcsdcsdcsdcssful treatments of asthma. It consists of small amounts of allergens under the patient’s skin. The goal of this therapy is to instruct the body to develop immunity to certain allergens. With this kind of treatment, it is of extreme importance to determine which allergens are the causes of the problems with high certainty. There are two basic types of immunotherapy: allergy shots and sublingual tablets. Allergy shots include, that, injecting allergens under patient’s skin and slowly increasing the dose over the period, but these kinds of treatment take years. Sublingual tablets are used preventively. Patient uses sublingual pills before the allergy season by dissolving one tablet per day under their tongue. This kind of treatment is used for lighter forms of asthma, and only a few allergens can be treated this way.

Climate treatment

Climate treatment does not include any medications per se. It involves visits to places with recommendable climate for asthmatic patients. These areas should be free of air pollution, with dry and warm air. It is said to desert-like climate.